ThunderDome Sounds
ThunderDome sounds - produced by Eddie Bullen

Marisa Lindsay

Marisa released her cd, Deeper Love in early 2009. This ground breaking album is a collection of original material highlighting Marisa's jazz/neo-soul sensibilities

Marisa Lindsay

Submit2love was launched during Marisa's return to her hometown at the Barbados Jazz Festival in 2007. Her performances and the CD have received rave reviews at home and abroad.

Nana Mclean

Nana McLean does not forget to spread love to her fans and thanks them for their continuous support. “Music is love", support the reggae music, This is Nana Now

Glen Ricketts

Glen Ricketts is a songwriter and recording artist with exceptional vocal abilities. A multi-dimensional and multi-faceted singer, his vocal range goes from tenor to soprano without a strain.

Anslem Douglas

Anslem Douglas is a Trinidadian musician and composer. He is best known for the hit single "Doggie", which was later covered by the Bahamian junkanoo band Baha Men as "Who Let the Dogs Out"

Kolette Easy

Kolette Easy is a dynamic voice for a new tradition of Canadian artists. She creates a new generation take on funky, ol’ skool R&B grooves. Her debut album “Believe”, is proof-positive that this next-gen diva is nothing short of a force to be reckoned with.

Jeremy Sean Hector

Jeremy Sean Hector

Bruce Sterritt

Raf Robertson -

Jeff - Japal

Eddie Bullen - Joaquin Hidalgo

Eddie Bullen - Nocturnal Affair

Eddie Bullen - Make It Real

Eddie Bullen - Kaleidoscope

Eddie Bullen - Desert Rain


Rico Anthony

Raf Robertson - Branches

Alex Walker

Quincy Bullen

Quincy Bullen

Eddie Bullen - Desert Rain

Coconut Groove