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Keisha Christian

Keisha Christian is an engaging and compassionate singer from Barbados who has been singing for as far back as she can remember. Her interest in music was so pronounced that for her first birthday, her uncle bought her a Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. The young toddler was said to erupt in a gleaming excitement whenever she heard Michael’s music.

At a tender age, she remembers constantly singing every song on that album as she walked around with the in-sleeve to memorize the lyrics. It’s no surprise that Keisha regards that album as one of her most treasured musical items. She credits Michael Jackson as one of her formative musical influences.

Growing up where music was a part of the fabric of her household, she recalls musicians of the day frequently stopping by her home to practice with her father Keithroy Christian (The Mighty Destroyer) Calypso King of the first-ever Crop Over Competition held in Barbados. At the age of six, her father, welcomed his young daughter to the stage at one of his performances, and from that point on, Keisha never looked back. Music was part of her whole life. Keisha continued honing her craft with her father’s guidance.


Jeremy Sean Hector is guitarist and songwriter, with a unique approach to writing and performing that blends soul and contemporary jazz. He is a perpetual student of music and aspires to use his gift to positively influence and inspire his listeners. His melodic style of playing has been described as having a vocal quality. Born on the Caribbean island of Grenada on December 24th, 1990, Jeremy was introduced to

music at an early age. His musical journey began at the age of seven; with classical piano lessons. However, it was on the guitar that he found his true passion for music. His father, Jude Hector, being a guitarist himself, exposed Jeremy to a wide variety of musical genres; and taught him for a few years. This combination of exposure to music and tutoring became the bedrock of his musical education.

In 2009, Jeremy began a four year academic journey on the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Barbados consecutively, which culminated with a Masters Degree in Psychology. In addition to his academic achievement, he had the privilege of working with some amazing musicians; who opened his eyes to the possibility of a career in music.

Since the beginning of his career, Jeremy has had the honour of sharing with internationally acclaimed artists such: Arturo Tappin, Eddie Bullen, Ronald “boo” Hinkson, Larnell Lewis, and the British Collective.

To date, the highlight of his crowning achievement has been partnering with Eddie Bullen and Thunderdome Sounds to record and release his debut album titled Ascension; As the title suggests, Ascension is just the first step in documenting a musical journey that promises to be fruitful and inspiring.

Jay douglas

As a youngster growing up in Jamaica between the ages of 3 and 4 years old I was always connected to music, especially the blues, jazz, gospel, country music, mento, and calypso. I'm very blessed to be a product of that music environment. I’m inspired to write and sing music because I love music and music loves me back.

I'm a messenger of peace and love, the message is in the music.

Love is the message.

Writing my music gives me a platform to share the truth and experience of my musical journey with others. Yes, writing my music was about something significant that happened in my life. Many years ago, a promoter allowed me to put a band together for a famous blues singer from the USA whose name is Roscoe Gordon. His music is one of the main reasons we enjoy Reggae music today. Working with Roscoe gave me so much inspiration for my blues recordings.

There's a single from my new album called “I'm in Love With You” which was produced

by the Maestro Eddie Bullen.


Donald McDonald’s AKA Polly Pompie contribution to reggae music over the last fifteen years has been tremendous. He has been featured in every major entertainment newspaper and magazine that features Caribbean Music and Culture. His input and impact on International audiences especially throughout Canada have been well documented.

He had been described as a revolutionary spirit that brings into shared focus an in-depth understanding of Reggae and Rastafarian- spiritual music. This is the foundation on which he has relied, in regards to forging his path as an entertainer, songwriter, and singer. His production company “Greenfield Productions” is based in Toronto, Canada. Along with his partner Herbert Dayes, a former trainer of Jamaica’s boxing legend Percy Hayles has propelled the company’s music into the hearts of the conscious, while also impaction on a hype-driven generation, who are always searching for a positive message.